Wholesale Price China Sediment Sludge Centrifuge - Mud Gun – MJ

Mud Gun is necessary parts for drilling mud system. Working together with centrifugal pump, mud gun can be used to spray and clean the wall of the mud tanks; also can be used to filling drilling mud to tank compartments. The mud gun has different pressure for option- low pressure mud gun, middle pressure mud gun and high pressure mud gun.

Compact design and simple structure, flexible operation and less maintenance, all the features of mud gun help to improve the whole working performance of the mud system.


Technical Parameters of Mud Gun

Model Gun Diameter (mm) Connection Size(mm) Rotation Degree Nozzle Qty Working Pressure (Mpa)
NJQ50-3G 2inch(50mm) 2inch(50mm) 1.2/3.2/6.4
NJQ50-3X 2inch(50mm) 2inch(50mm) 360° 360° 1.2/3.2/6.4
NJQ80-3G 3inch (80mm) 3inch (80mm) 1.2/3.2/6.4
NJQ80-3X 3inch (80mm) 3inch (80mm) 360° 360° 1.2/3.2/6.4


Technical Features of Mud Gun

Designed and manufactured for the different drilling mud solids control system

Matched with centrifugal pump or shear pump, clean the mud tank inner wall and prevent mud Sediment

High quality national standard steel

Discharge nozzles can be polyurethane and tungsten carbide alloy material.

Flexible on configuration of size and pressure rates

Simple design and easy operation

High quality painting job per international standard