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Single Screw pump also called Positive Displacement Pump or Progressing Cavity pump. Screw pump have many special technical advantages over other type pump and screw pump have much wide application range. The screw pump can transfer the liquid continuously without pulse, and with stable discharging pressure. By selecting proper materials for pump stator and rotor, the screw pump can be applied for many industries.


International brand screw pump like Netzsch Nemo pump or NOV Brandt Mono pump, they are both single screw pump suitable for drilling mud transportation. MJ Screw pump have similar technical features with NBR stator and stainless steel rotor to get reliable working performance.


In oilfields, the screw pump have many functions as follows: Suction the drilling mud and feed to decanter centrifuge / Working as flushing pump to flush the screen basket of vertical cutting dryer / ideal pump to work with dewatering unit / Ideal pump to transfer the drilling mud or oily sludge with higher solids content.


Except for screw pump, centrifugal pump is also very popular in oil drilling mud system. Because of the excellent oilfield design, lower production cost and better anti-abrasive performance, the centrifugal pump can be used to transfer the drilling mud from tank compartment to next equipment / compartment.


Technical Parameters of Screw Pump

Model Flow(m3/h) Pressure(Mpa) Motor(kw) Max. Speed(rpm) Inlet/Outlet(in) Weight(kg) Dimension(mm)
MJG10-040 10 0.3 4 244 3 / 3 245 2245x320x550
MJG20-055 20 0.3 5.5 210 3 / 3 323 2450x340x562
MJG30-075 30 0.3 7.5 258 4 / 4 386 2761x370x600
MJG40-110 40 0.3 11 252 5 / 5 454 3270x370x665
MJG50-110 50 0.3 11 273 5 / 5 608 3790x400x782
MJG60-150 60 0.3 15 225 5 / 5 649 3322x550x740
MJG70-220 70 0.3 22 230 6 / 6 875 3740x420x785
MJG80-220 80 0.3 22 283 6 / 6 875 3740x420x785
MJG90-220 90 0.3 22 205 6 / 6 875 3740x420x785



Technical Features of Screw pump

Low pulse transportation of drilling mud, very stable feeding to centrifuge

High pressure discharge or low pressure discharge for option

With less accessories, compact structure, easy maintenance

Compared with the centrifugal pump, screw pump can achieve stable linear flow

Can transport mixed impurities containing gas and solid particles or fibers

Single screw pump can transport a variety of corrosive substances

Single screw pump can transport high viscosity material

Screw pump can be used for pharmaceutical filling and metering



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