PriceList for Coagulation Centrifuge - Sludge Vacuum Pump – MJ

Slurry transfer pneumatic vacuum pump can be used at tough environmental for solids transfer, high working performance and less maintenance. With special structure design, the vacuum pump can transfer material with high density and high gravity, solids content maximum can be up to 80%.

Model MJVP-40A MJVP-20A MJVP-10A
Max. Capacity (m3/h) 40 20 10
Inlet/outlet size (in) 4 4 3
Vacuum Degree (Kpa) 85kpa / 25’’HG (Mercury Column)
Max Suction Distance (m) 50 50 50
Max Discharge Distance (m) 1000 500 500
Max Solids Content 80% solids sludge / powder solids
Max Solids Size(mm) 75 50 50
Pressure Request (Kpa) 550-785   550-690 550-690
Air Demand (m3/min) 17   8 4.3
Weight (kg) 890 390 320
Dimension (mm) 1690×1468×1986 1421×900×1448 1280×800×1370

 fkMaterial transfer applications:

zDrilling waste mud discharged from shale shaker, mud cleaner and centrifuge
zDrilling rig pit waste cleaning
zOil sludge cleaning and transfer;
zTank bottom residual cleaning and transfer
zBarge holdings and vessel bottom clean out
zOil tankers bottom sludge cleaning and transfer
zBulk tank and silo transfer of material
zDiatomaceous earth, animal waste cleaning and transfer etc.