Screw Conveyor Ready Delivery to Africa

U shape Screw conveyor is one of the main equipment list in conveying equipment family. Except for U Shape screw conveyor, we can also offer Tube screw conveyor, shaftless screw conveyor, belt conveyor etc.

The order of several sets U shape screw conveyor is used for transfer drilling mud and drilling cuttings working together with vertical cuttings dryer. This is also what most of the drilling contractor do at drilling site. 1 longer conveyor to collect the higher solids content mud from shaker units, 1 longer conveyor linked with the former one and change layout angle to direct the drilling mud to the vertical cuttings dryer where the solids part will be separated and discharged to downside hopper, the liquid part will be throw out the screen basket and discharged from another port. After this separation, the dry cuttings will be collected and transfer to Thermal desorption unit for final treatment, and the liquid part will be processed by high speed centrifuge with/without dewatering unit to lower down the soil content in the mud and return it back to active drilling mud circulation system.

The above mentioned process is description of one complete drilling waste management system including screw conveyor, vertical dryer, mud transfer pump, mud holding tank, dewatering unit, dewatering centrifuge etc. With many years’ experience, MJ Mach can offer reliable drilling waste management solutions with competitive prices.

Drilling waste system (2)

Vertical cutting dryer is the most important part in the drilling waste management system. The separation performance of dryer will largely depends on the technology and quality of the screen basket. From China, there are only 2~3 suppliers can do the vertical cuttings dryer well and we are one of them. To make the dryer much stronger and reliable, we have upgrade our vertical dryer by following works:
The scraper on the rotor is equipped with HRC65 chilled steel tool which has a long service life compared with competitors.
Equipped with air cutter to wash water based mud with high viscosity
Equipped with oil lubrication system to ensure the operation safety of the bearings
Control panel with Famous brand Electrical components: SIEMENS, Schneider or ABB
Famous Brand Motors with IEC Ex, ATEX and UL Certificate available