Decanter Centrifuge Factory Inspection by Belgium Client

Decanter Centrifuge play important role in the protein separation and clarification. Beginning of this year, we have Belgium clients checking the purchased decanter centrifuge before delivery. Details checklist include vibration of bearing seat, vibration of whole centrifuge, temperature rise of bearing seat, feeding capacity of water, hose connections etc.

Food and beverage industry demand much higher quality on centrifuge operation stability and high automatic operation; MJ Mach offer world class configuration decanter centrifuge to fulfill the job task throughout the process
.Big LD Ratio Decanter centrifuge specialized for protein separation, LD Ratio = 4.8
.Centrifuge bowl and scroll is made of Duplex Stainless Steel 2205 with much better performance in anti-corrosion and anti-wearing
.Feed pipe is equipped with material speeding unit, which can help to achieve larger feeding capacity and fast separation
.Impeller quantity and impeller distance is customized per client’s request
.PLC Control system with HMI Touch screen, with interface to DCS control, high automation
.Netzsch Nemo pump is recommended as Centrifuge feed pump

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Decanter Centrifuge vibration during deceleration is a mirror of the centrifuge quality. The vast majority Centrifuge occurs co-vibration because of the self-characteristics of equipment, we are different. With many years’ experience in many different filed, we adopt patent vibration absorption technology and avoid fierce vibration during deceleration perfectly. This vibration absorb technology is unique and unmatchable even among US Brand centrifuges or Europe brand centrifuges.

MJ World Class quality decanters can be applied to mining slurry separation, industry waste water treatment, chemical slurry separation, pharmaceutical clarification, and food beverage separation. We can also offer centrifuge maintenance and renew service for Flottweg decanter, Alfa Laval Decanter, Andritz decanter centrifuges etc.