Centrifuge Feed Pump delivery to Middle East

Decanter centrifuge play important role in industry separation. In order to achieve better separation performance of centrifuge, to choose proper centrifuge feed pump is also very important. With over 10years experience in centrifuge separation technology, we can offer high speed, middle speed and low speed centrifuge for different applications. Centrifuge feed pump is also available for reliable performance. Recently, we have client from Middle East just bought several sets pump for their centrifuge operation.

Feed pump have different configurations
Fixed speed pump with fixed speed control, but this is not convenient for operation when need to adjust the flow rate
VFD Motor driven with VFD control, this is convenient for operation but the cost is higher, especially when faced with EX-proof requirement
Feed pump with speed adjustable gear reducer, the pump flow rate can be adjusted by the small wheel on the gear reducer and the cost is no big different from fixed speed pump. Fixed speed control panel is enough to control this kind of pump.

What we supplied to client is the third one, pump with adjustable gear reducer, convenient for flow rate regulation and lower cost. Some other advantages of MJ Positive displacement pump including:

Rotor processed by SS304/SS316 with chromium plating treatment
Stator processed by NRB, rubber material imported from Germany
Fluids touch wetted parts (main pump body): SS304/SS316
Higher standard paintings with total thickness 160um, to achieve much better anti-corrosion performance
The rotor and stator is replacement to Netzsch brand Nemo pump

Except for working as centrifuge feed pump, the positive displacement pump can also work as transfer pump for fluids transfer or crude oil transfer (some special specifications need to be customized to meet the special work condition).
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