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MJDC series decanter centrifuge is special designed for drilling mud treatment.

Decanter centrifuge usually plays two roles in the solids control mud system- middle speed centrifuge with 1600rpm~2000rpm to recover barite & high speed centrifuge with 2500rpm~2800rpm to cut mud weight. With reasonable oilfield design and strong production material, MJDC series decanter centrifuge can work perfectly to achieve the drilling operation purpose.

In some well site, the operator needs to minimize the generated drilling cuttings volume and minimize the transportation cost for the drilling cuttings; waste management system with dryer & decanter is required for the purpose. Usually, we recommend vertical cutting dryer and decanter centrifuge to get better working performance. The oil on cuttings can be reduced to 3%~5% after treatment by vertical cutting dryer, very dryer solids without any leakage.  

MJDC decanter centrifuge can be used for onshore drilling and offshore drilling rig platform.  MJDC series decanter centrifuge with dnv2.7-1 certificate skid is available specialized for offshore drilling activities. Meanwhile, MJ adopt 3-layers marine paintings to get better anti-corrosive performance.

MJDC decanter centrifuge can be ex proof standard for oil drilling mud treatment; or non-ex-proof standard for HDD drilling, water well drilling, tunneling mud treatment, pipe jacking mud treatment and other civil construction application.


Technical Parameters Of MJDC Series Decanter

Model MJDC360 MJDC450 MJDC550
Bowl Dia (Mm) 360 (14in) 450 (18in) 530 (21in)
Bowl Length (Mm) 1271 (50in) 1540 (61in) 1800 (71in)
Ld Ratio 3.5 3.4 3.4
Max Speed (Rpm) 3900 (Vfd) 3200 (Vfd) 3000 (Vfd)
Max g Force (g) 3063 (Vfd) 2578 (Vfd) 2719 (Vfd)
Differential Speed (Rpm) 0.5~30   0.5~30 0.5~30
Gearbox Torque (n.m) 3500n.m 7500n.m 12000n.m
Gearbox Ratio 57:1 57:1 35:1
Bowl Drive(Kw) 37 55 90
Scroll Drive(Kw) 11 22 37
Max Flow (m3/h) 20~30 40~50 60~70
Remark Above Parameters For Reference Only, Final Parameters Should Be Based On Technical Proposals


Technical Features Of MJDC Series Decanter

Whole design complies with industrial design concept; effectively absorb the shear force during full speed operation
The bearing seat vibration is controlled within 2~4mm/s; protect decanter centrifuge from large vibration damage
Turbo feeding patent to achieve bigger treating capacity and better separation performance
Main rotation parts made from ss316/ss2205, processed by centrifugal casting technology or mold forging technology
Screw protection by tungsten carbide alloy tiles or hard facing special technology
Each parts are detected at constant temperature, to ensure the process quality and machining accuracy
Only adopt SKF Sweden or FAG Germany original bearing, to ensure the stable performance and lifetime of bearing
Equipped with china good brand motors, ABB/Siemens motor for option
Main electrical components is sourced from premium brands: Siemens, Schneider or ABB available
VFD + PLC + HMI smart control system can achieve much better user experience
Control system with monitoring device & alarm device, protect decanter from overloading, short circuit and lack of phase
Decanter centrifuge with dnv2.7-1 certificate skid available for offshore drilling activities.


MJDC Series Decanter Centrifuge Is Special Designed For Oily Sludge Treatment By Hot Washing Technology

Up to now, there are many oily sludge ponds spread in many countries which attract the attention from government environmental protection dept. many countries published regulations with details standard on the treatment of oily sludge, give clear target on the sludge treatment result. China government accepts the sludge solids less than 2% oil as non-hazardous waste; other countries make it to 1% or 0.5% depend on the local condition.

MJ mach is committed to performing turnkey solutions for soil remediation and oily sludge treatment. For the oily sludge ponds with high content of water & oil, we normally recommend hot water washing technology. Decanter centrifuge or tricanter centrifuge play important role in the sludge treatment system, to separate the chemical enhanced solids and the oily water.


MJDC Series Decanter Centrifuge Is Special Designed For Dewatering Mobile Unit In Container

When deal with waste drilling mud, dewatering mobile unit in container is requested for some special application. The compact mobile unit with decanter centrifuge, chemical enhancement unit, screw conveyors / pumps can work together to coagulate the ultra-fine solids and separate the solids efficiently for the following process.


MJDC Series Decanter Centrifuge Is Special Designed For Crude Oil Tank Cleaning Application

In crude oil tank cleaning system, the residue sludge in the crude oil tank will be flushed and pump outside the tank. The waste water or waste oil can be further separated by decanter or tri-canter for oil recovery and water recovery. The water can be reused for the tank cleaning in closed circle; and the oil can be clarified and send to refinery plant. The sludge cakes discharge from centrifuge can be final treated by thermal desorption unit.



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