Low MOQ for Nov Magnum Pump - Shaftless Screw Conveyor – MJ

Shaftless screw conveyor is driven by rotation disc which is connected to gearbox via mechanical seal shaft. Compared with the traditional axle screw conveyor, the Non axle screw conveyor has the following outstanding advantages because of the non-axle design.

Non axle or shaftless screw conveyor has strong winding resistance. Because there is no central axis interference, it has special advantages for conveyor belt, viscous material and easy winding material.

Shaftless screw conveyor has good environmental protection performance. Axle-free screw conveyor adopts fully enclosed conveying and easy cleaning spiral surface, which can ensure environmental hygiene and the delivered materials are not polluted and leak-free.

Shaftless screw conveyor has high torque and low energy consumption. Because the screw has no shaft, the material is not easy to block, and the discharge outlet is not blocked, so it can run at a lower speed, drive smoothly and reduce energy consumption. Torque can be 4000N.m.

Axle-less screw conveyor has large conveying capacity. The conveying capacity is 1.5 times that of traditional axle-less screw conveyor with the same diameter.

Shaftless screw conveyor has a long conveying distance. The length of single conveyor can reach 60 meters.


Technical Parameters of non-axle Screw conveyor

Model Screw Dia(in) Screw Length(ft) Capacity(ton/h) Motor(kw) Speed(rpm) Weight(kg)
MJGX08 8 <50 <10 3 60 <1500
MJGX10 10 <50 <15 5.5 60 <1800
MJGX12 12 <50 <20 7.5-11 60 <2300
MJGX14 14 <50 <30 7.5-15 60 <2500
MJGX16 16 <50 <40 11-18.5 60 <3300
MJGX18 18 <50 <50 11-22 60 <3800
MJGX20 20 <50 <60 15-30 60 <4500