Good User Reputation for Hydraulic Tanks - Dewatering Unit – MJ

Dewatering centrifuge is used to remove the ultra-fine suspending solids which is not easy to settle down and separation. Flocculent unit and coagulation unit for chemical enhancement is a must for the dewatering process. MJ Can offer high speed centrifuge with flocculent unit in high quality and affordable price.

Dewatering Unit provides a process of chemically enhanced configuration to remove the fine solids less than 5 microns from the water based drilling fluids. As it known that traditional solids control equipment like shale shaker, desander desilter, and

decanter centrifuge will removes solids upper than 5 microns, for colloidal-size particles which is less than 5 microns will build up in the drilling mud system. To maintain the drilling mud properties, the operators have to dilute the drilling fluids with water, this consumes more water and create more drilling waste.

By utilizing dewatering unit, the result is a chemically enhanced flocculation of colloidal and ultra-fine drilled solids that can be efficiently removed with dewatering centrifuge. For limited and zero discharged closed loop system, the dewatering unit is a very important unit to keep the mud clean and reduce the drilling waste which has to be sent for treatment and disposal.