Discount Price 500gpm Mud Tank System - Drilling Waste System – MJ

On-line Drilling Cuttings is generated from the whole drilling process. The cuttings will be carried out by drilling fluids, and then separated by solids control / waste management systems. The first stage separating equipment is shale shaker.  After shaker separation, the fine cuttings will drop down to under tank with drilling fluids, and the coarse cuttings will be separated and treated by vertical cutting dryer.


The main function of vertical dryer is to recover the useful oil based mud, reduce the oil content on cuttings (OOC) and reduce the total volume of cuttings which will be finally treated by Thermal Desorption Unit. The recovered oil based mud will be returned to active mud system. Some conditions, the operator will adopt High G dryer or high G shaker to replace the Vertical dryer to achieve same functions. Even, the performance of High G dryer is not as good as Vertical dryer, the oil on cuttings will be around 10% after high G dryer, but all choices is depends on the owner’s requirements.


The Vertical dryer can be used for both onshore drilling and offshore drilling operations. Vertical cutting dryer with DNV2.7-1 Certificate SKID is available specialized for offshore drilling activities. Except for DNV certificate, offshore platform have much higher request on paintings because of the corrosive atmosphere with high salt content. We adopt marine anti-corrosive paintings with 3layers for much better performance.


Technical Parameters of Vertical Dryer

Model MJCD-930 MJCD-930VFD
Max. Treating capacity (ton/h) 30-50 30-50
Drying efficiency OOC≤ 5% OOC≤ 5%
Screen Diameter(mm) 930 930
Screen opening size(mm) 0.2/0.3/0.5 0.2/0.3/0.5
Cone angle 30° 30°
Screen rotation speed(rpm) 900 0~900 VFD
Separation G force (max) 420G 420G
Main Motor(kw) 55 55
Oil Pump Motor(kw) 0.55 0.55
Flush pump(kw) 3~4 3~4
Oil Tank Capacity (L) 48 48
Air Knife Pressure(Mpa) 0.69 0.69
Air Knife Flow (m3/min) 1.8 1.8
Weight (kg) 4600 4600
Dimension(mm) 2650×1800×1650 2650×1800×1650



Technical Features of Vertical Dryer

420G High G force under 900 rpm regular operation speed

750G High G force under 1200 rpm higher operation speed for option

Vertical dryer can be started with fixed speed control or VFD control

Main electrical components sourced from international brand: SIEMENS, Schneider or ABB

The Ex-proof standard normally comply with China Standard EXDIIBT4, IEC/ATEX for option

The main bearings are Spherical Roller Bearings, source from FAG Brand

The Flights on the rotor is hard facing to HRC 65, with longer lifetime

The Flights and the rotor assembly are individually balanced for easy replacement

The screen basket material is Stainless Steel 316L, better performance in ani-corrosion

The screen basket is processed in high precision and dynamic balance to ensure better balance and easy replacement

Equipped with high pressure air cutter to clean the high viscosity mud sticking on the screen basket

Equipped with water jetting system to work together with air cutter, to avoid screen block

Individual oil lubrication system with low pressure automatic alarm.

Dryer motor and oil system motor is interlocked, the dryer can be started only after starting the oil pump

Cutting dryer with DNV2.7-1 Certificate SKID is available specialized for offshore drilling activities.