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Jet Mud mixer is designed to mixing the barite or bentonite into the drilling fluids and adjust the mud density / mud viscosity to fulfill the drilling target. Single Jet Mud mixer is composed of one set centrifugal pump, one set mixing hopper (verturi hopper) and one set electrical control panel. (The pump control can also design into system control panel). Double Jet Mud Mixer is composed of double pumps and double hoppers, connected by manifold valves and hoses to achieve large mixing capacity target.


According to the job request, the Jet Mud mixer can be used to mixing barite to increase the drilling mud density; Also, Jet Mud mixer can be used to mixing bentonite to increase the drilling mud viscosity. MJ Jet Mud mixer can be used to work for oil & gas drilling mud system, HDD mud cleaning system, TBM mud purification system, Pipe jacking mud plant etc.


DNV Certified Jet Mud mixer is available for offshore drilling operations. Except for DNV certificate, offshore platform have much higher request on paintings because of the corrosive atmosphere with high salt content. We adopt marine anti-corrosive paintings with 3layers for much better performance.

Technical Parameters of Jet Mud mixer

Model Flow(m3/h) Motor power(kw) Inlet / outlet Weight (kg) Dimension(mm)
MJSL-045 45 11 DN100 / DN100 977 1850x1540x950
MJSL-055 55 15 DN100 / DN100 997 1850x1540x950
MJSL-065 65 18.5 DN100 / DN100 1045 1850x1540x950
MJSL-090 90 22 DN125 / DN100 1136 1850x1540x930
MJSL-120 120 30 DN125 / DN150 1340 2200x1840x1020
MJSL-150 150 37 DN150 / DN150 1492 2200x1840x1060
MJSL-200 200 45 DN150 / DN150 1582 2200x1840x1060
MJSL-272 272 55 DN200 / DN150 1732 2200x1840x1020
MJSL-320 320 75 DN200 / DN150 2062 2200x1840x1070


Model KLD-150S KLD1-2
Flow rate (m3/h) 240 180
Work Pressure(Mpa) 0.25-0.45 0.25-0.45
Funnel Diameter (mm) 620 708
Inlet/Outlet Diameter (mm) 150 / 150 150 / 150
Mixing Pump Power (kw) 55 55
Solid Phase Mixing Capacity Barite 14000kg/hBentonite 14968kg/hCalcium Chloride 10080kg/hCalcium Carbonate 11422kg/h Barite 300kg/hBentonite 150kg/h
Liquid Inhalation Capacity 25m3/hsimilar to the chemical liquid of water N/A
Weight (kg) 265 185
Dimension (mm) 1250×752×1000 1518×708×980


Technical Features of Mixing Funnel

KLD-150S mixing unit is equivalent to SWACO Hiride Eductor. KLD-150S integrates a proprietary

minimum pressure drop (MPD) nozzle and unique trimix diffuser (TMD) into an easily installed, rugged,

Stainless steel frame which has been designed to an optimal height for improved ergonomics.

Equipped with wear resistant imported PU material

Rapid complete mixing of dry or liquid additives into the fluids system

Lowest comparable pressure loss

Creates high shear rates in a circulating loop

Compact design with smaller footprint, ideal for rigs where space is at a premium

Dust free, dry product mixing

Minimize “ fish eyes ” in hard to mix products

Flexible design eliminates extra equipment

Greater degree of worker safety

Technical Features of Jet Mud mixer

Working pressure range: 0.25~0.4 Mpa

Both Ex-proof / Non Ex-proof standard available;

Ex-proof standard can choose EXdIIBt4/IEC/ATEX for option

Centrifugal pump is interchangeable with NOV Mission pump, help customer to source the spares locally

High precision machining pump with anti-wearing production material help to get better performance

High quality mechanical seal to prevent pump leakage and reduce the maintenance

Top brand bearing for the centrifugal pump, stable operation with longer service life

Mixing unit with DNV2.7-1 Certificate SKID for option.

3 layers Marine anti-corrosion paintings is for option

Mixing Funnel is part of mixing system working together with centrifugal pump. The funnel can be produced by carbon steel or stainless steel. Additional valves can be designed on the funnel to achieve special requirement.



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