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The hot water washing technology for sludge treatment comes from the European KC laboratory technology and has wide range of applications worldwide. The cleaning agent or cleaning chemicals is 100% extracted from plant, which is easy to biodegrade quickly and has zero carbon emission. With rich experience from different projects, MJ can offer specialized solution for each job requirements.


Different from Thermal Desorption Unit (TDU) which is specialized for drilling cuttings with less liquid content, the hot water washing technology is professional for oily sludge / drilling waste / drilling cuttings with higher liquid content, and can work well to recover the oil, recycle and reuse the hot water with chemicals, and minimize the solids generated from the oily sludge. The final oil content on solids is depends on the feeding material condition. We have lots of cases with 10~15% oil content oily sludge and get less than 0.3% oil content on final solids.


Main units of oily sludge treatment system

Micro pressurized rotary crushing agitator

Hot water washing tank with chemicals

Buffer tank

Liquid-solids, oil-water separation skid



TRI-COLOR Cleaning Agent

A non-toxic, harmless, safe and degradable water-based product

100% of the raw materials come from plant extracts According to EU Eudirective-67/548/EEC regulation, it belongs to non-dangerous goods.

No volatile organic compounds, in accordance with EU EUdirective1999/13/EC regulations.

Easy to biodegrade quickly with zero carbon emissions.

Aqueous solution of plant stabilizer.

Not contain enzymes, bacteria, acids, phosphates, phenols, formaldehyde, free sodium, caustic potassium, oil and preservatives.