2017 High quality 500gpm Drilling Fluids Cleaning System - Pneumatic Valve – MJ

Industry Pneumatic Ball valves can be used for oil & gas drilling industry, mining industry, paper mill process, chemical production, waste water treatment etc.

Partner with China High quality Manufacturer, MJ can offer different type valves including ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, check valves etc. The operation mode can be manual valve, Pneumatic valve and electric valve. Here in this chapter, we take example of ball valves and give more details description.

fkTechnical Features & Parameters of Pneumatic Ball Valve

Pneumatic actuator brand BERSST
Pneumatic actuator type Double action (air source is required to open and close)Single action (air source is required only to open or close)
Air source pressure Double action 4~8barSingle action 5~8bar
Working temperature Standard suitable for -20℃ ~ +80℃
Nominal Diameter DN10 ~ DN300
Nominal Pressure PN16, PN25, PN40, PN64
Connection type Flange / threaded / clamp etc.
Body Material SS304 / SS316 / CS WCB
Sealing Material Soft sealing or hard sealing for option
Material Temperature -20℃ ~ +300℃
Material type Drilling mud, drilling cuttings, water & oil etc.
Driven device connection ISO 5211
Accessories Reverse solenoid valve, Limit Switch, Filter pressure relief valve

fkTechnical Advantages of Pneumatic actuator & Ball Valve

zAluminum alloy cylinder of Pneumatic actuator - Extruded high quality aluminum alloy cylinder, Precision Processing of Inner Hole, Hard Anodic Oxidation on External Surface, all of these features achieve much lower friction coefficient and longer lifetime

zDouble Piston Symmetrical Structure design - Gear and rack double piston symmetrical structure design, fast and smooth movement, high precision, high output power, through simple change of piston assembly position can be obtained reverse rotation.

zIntegrated design – Dual action and single action actuators with the same cylinder and cap, it is very convenient to change the action mode by installing or removing springs.

zStandardize- The connection conforms to the new international standard ISO5211 & DN3337 (F03-F25); the pneumatic actuator can be adapted to different product.

zMultifunctional Position Indicator - Visualization instructions, in line with VID/VIE3845 NAMUR standard slot, can install and output all accessories, such as limit switch box, electrical positioner, position sensor.

zStainless Steel Valve body – We normally adopt SS304 or SS316 for valve body to achieve much better performance in anti-corrosion and anti-wearness.

zSealing Material – Soft sealing material have Teflon and Para polyphenol; hard sealing material we have hard alloy.

zVarious Valve type- we can offer two way valve with inlet and outlet; we can offer diverter valve with one inlet and two outlet. The material flow direction can be adjusted by the diverter valves and we can match pneumatic diverter valve and electric diverter valve.

zIEC / ATEX Certificate - We can offer Korea PG Brand solenoid valve and relief valve with IEC Certificate for ZONE I application