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CCD DECANTER CENTRIFUGE IS SPECIAL DESIGNED FOR CIVIL CONSTRUCTIONS MUD TREATMENT. CCD Series Decanter Centrifuge can be applied to horizontal directional drilling, water well drilling, micro-tunneling, large diameter tunneling, hydro excavation mud processing, slurry wall/foundation drilling, TBM Machine, Pipe jacking project etc. The applications including but not limited to:

HDD mud system, Water well drilling system for ultra-fine solids removal

Mining tailings separation and recovery

Micro-tunneling and large diameter tunneling bore machine (TBM) slurry mud treatment

Hydro excavation mud recycling system, to cut mud weight through remove fine solids

Mud treatment in Foundations/walls construction

Desanding / desiltering in pipe jacking construction

River channels sludge dredging / dredging mud recycling system of river channels


By cooperation with coarse screen shaker & fine screen shaker, decanter centrifuge is necessary for big borehole construction to separate the fine silt and clay particles down to 3~5microns in large processing capacity. Normally, the large capacity of slurry from excavation process can be treated by scalping screen shaker, fine screen shaker with cyclones and high speed decanter centrifuge.

 1) The slurry will flow to slurry holding tank with agitator & slurry pit pump
 2) Pit pump suction the slurry mud and transfer to scalping screen shaker with coarse screen to remove the coarse solids & sticky clays, cut point 100~500microns
 3) After Scalping screen shaker, the coarse solids will be discharged outside desanding plant; the slurry with fine solids will be drop down to tank sump 1
 4) Centrifugal pump with open impeller will suction the slurry mud and feeding to cyclones in proper feeding pressure, cut point 20~100micronszAfter fine screen shaker with cyclones, the overflow will report to tank sump 2; zeventually overflows to the sump 3 of the tank.


Positive Displacement pump will transfer the slurry mud from the 3rd chamber of tank to big bowl big capacity decanter centrifuge where the ultra-fine solids will be separated out by centrifugal G Force. The clean slurry will be pumped back to the excavation process.
The modular slurry plant with scalping screen shaker & cyclones is widely used in civil engineering construction. We have standard desanding plant for fast delivery time. Also, we can customize per details request from customer


Technical Parameters of CCD Series Decanter (Big Bowl DECANTER)

Model CCD5340 CCD6442 CCD7645 CCD8937
Bowl Dia (mm) 530 (21in) 640 (25in) 760 (30in) 890 (35in)
Bowl Length (mm) 2120 2688 3420 3293
LD Ratio 4.0 4.2 4.5 3.7
Max speed (rpm) 3500 (VFD) 3200 (VFD) 2500 (VFD) 2500 (VFD)
Max G Force (G) 3632 (VFD) 3670 (VFD) 2660 (VFD) 3115 (VFD)
Differential Speed (rpm) 0.5~30 0.5~30 0.5~30 0.5~30
Max Flow (m3/h) 60 80 100 120
Beach angle 11/15/20 degree for option , per different material properties
Motor power Per different material properties
Bowl material SS304/316/2205 for option, per different material properties
Screw protection Tungsten carbide alloy or hard facing , per different material properties
Control system VFD + PLC +HMI Control system for option, with interface to CCM
Remark Small bowl centrifuge also available including 250mm/290mm/360mm/450mm


Technical Features of CCD Series Decanter (Big Bowl DECANTER)

Big bowl decanter available for big volume separation of fine silt and clays

Heavy duty design with reliable performance in continuously operation

Scroll drive can work under generator state to minimize the power consumption

Screw protection by hard facing with special technology, Tungsten carbide alloy tiles for option

Special Patent of vibration absorb cushion can avoid covibration and guarantee the centrifuge safety

Big bowl centrifuge with jet oil lubrication system protect the bearing much better than grease lubrication

Pressurized feeding port patent can increase the separation efficiency, get much dry mud cakes

Whole design complies with industrial design concept; effectively absorb the shear force during full speed operation

The bearing seat vibration is controlled within 2~4mm/s; protect decanter centrifuge from large vibration damage

Turbo feeding patent to achieve bigger treating capacity and better separation performance

Main rotation parts made from SS316/SS2205, processed by centrifugal casting technology or mold forging technology

Screw protection by tungsten carbide alloy tiles or hard facing special technology

Each parts are detected at constant temperature, to ensure the process quality and machining accuracy

ONLY adopt SKF Sweden or FAG Germany original bearing, to ensure the stable performance and lifetime of bearing

Equipped with China good brand motors, ABB/Siemens motor for option

Main electrical components is sourced from premium brands: SIEMENS, Schneider or ABB available

VFD + PLC + HMI Smart control system can achieve much better user experience

Control system with monitoring device & alarm device, protect decanter from overloading, short circuit and lack of phase



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